Meet your Inspiration – A special programme on the occasion of the European Film Awards

A programme by the foundation FOCAL connects young Swiss film professionals with inspiring European Film Academy members.

As a facilitator of knowledge transfer and networking, FOCAL supports the exchange between emerging and established professionals and between different generations and cultures.

On the occasion of the European Film Awards Lucerne 2024 FOCAL connects Swiss film professionals with European Film Academy Members who inspire them.

These exchanges, conceived in form of mentorships, will be an opportunity for emerging talents to meet and exchange with well-known professionals in their fields of expertise. Two encounters are planned, one of them during the award show in Lucerne on 7 December 2024.

The FOCAL programme "Meet your Inspiration" is part of the supporting programme for the European Film Awards Lucerne 2024 coordinated by the Federal Office of Culture. The application deadline is 3 April 2024.

Further information and registration